Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall-ing into place

The air is crisp and clean and it's rained the past two days.  Yesterday, I moved in with my new friend & coworker Kate.  I randomly crashed at her house on Thursday and then decided it was silly to really wait until October 1st to move the rest of my things since I'd already moved all my packed boxes on Monday so after talking with Trevor, I recruited some help and went and got the rest of my stuff and slept on my bed last night for the first time in over 7 months.  It was amazing and Mouse is so very happy!

This morning, I woke up slowly and cuddled with my little dog, responded to a couple text messages and finally got ready for work.  My back, though sore from all the moving yesterday, felt better than it has in a long time.  Sleeping on a cot isn't an ideal situation for a body turning thirty.  Kate and I walked tow to Bipartisan Cafe for coffee this morning and I walked to work.  Walked.  As in with my feet and no car.  The money I will save in gas alone will be more than enough to cover the cost of new shoes as needed.  I am so excited!

All of my books and movies are unpacked, as well as most of my kitchen items.  I loved living with the girls in St. Johns and will miss seeing them all the time, but I feel like my social circle just got so much bigger and I'm happy to think that a regular exercise routine just found its way into my daily commute.

In better news, I received an email today from PSU and it looks like I've most likely been accepted.  The letter was from the pre-teaching list so I assume it's just days before I get the official letter from the school.

This afternoon holds wonderful things: off work at 2pm then off to bake ginger snap cookies and roast some Brussels Sprouts with pasta for dinner.  I am still in love with Portland and the tiny neighborhood named Montavilla that I now call home.