Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good things are heading my way

I have been social and productive this past week. After a possibly hormonal minor melt down in which I discussed with Trevor my lack of activities and expressed that I'm turning 30 and work 21 hours a week, I managed to come to an acceptable solution: I need to go back to school. So... Last Thursday I met up with Kate from work at the PSU campus and she showed me around. I collected some materials and spoke with someone in financial aid and someone else in admissions. I returned home and filled out my fafsa and Friday morning applied for co-admission to PSU and PCC for winter term. I ordered official transcripts from SLCC and AHS. I received an email on Friday that the gov had processed my fafsa application so now it's just waiting for the school. Tomorrow I have an appointment with someone in the Liberal Arts department to review my unofficial transcript and plot out a path to become a Special Ed Teacher. Yay for progress!!

In other news, I have the opportunity to pick up some extra hours at work for a little bit and am also corresponding with someone about a short term nanny stint that could put over two grand in my pocket.

Last Saturday after work, Trevor, Trish, and I traveled north to Olympia to attend Erin's birthday/house warming party and I got to meet new people and had a great time. Then Sunday, Kate invited me over for dinner. I may be meeting Katie for coffee/tea/ice cream/drinks tonight and have plans with Nicole tentatively set for tomorrow.

It rained yesterday for only the second time since I've been here and it was lovely. Today the sky is a combination of blue and grey mostly in patches like it can't decide what to do. The air is cool and fall is on its way. So excited!!!

The silly library doesn't open until noon so I get to waste a little time at Anna Banana's before I can pick up the book I have on hold. There are few things greater in life than a great cup of coffee and a little old time music. Ahhh

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Trouble

Oh was it ever an eventful day. Mouse and I went adventuring here in Saint Johns at Pier Park. It looked like it might rain so I dressed for cold and was stripping off my sweatshirt before noon. The park was nice and peaceful with its giant trees reaching a hundred plus feet toward the sky. Mouse almost didn't know what to do with himself and made it quite clear that he didn't appreciate walking on the fallen pine needles in one part of the park. The disc golfers were out and seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.

I'd planned to take him out longer but he seemed tired a d disinterested in drinking the water I'd brought so we headed home for a bit before I went out alone. I've been wanting to see The Help since before it was out so I checked on fandango and it was playing at 3:30 in Vancouver, WA about 6 miles away. I left just before 2:30 thinking it would take a while to get there since I'd have to take I-5 to get there. I was wrong; there was hardly any traffic at all so I decided to get coffee at Starbucks. Finding parking was a greater challenge than I was up for at the time and I almost gave up the coffee quest when I spotted a space at the park across the street.

The staff was slightly less than friendly and I managed to spill part of my drink in my cream colored shirt which was about par for the day I was having. It may have been best to just go home but I returned to my car to find myself blocked in by a traffic attendant. She apologized for being in my way and said she'd be moving shortly. I took the opportunity to ask if the movie theater had parking as I hadn't seen it when I pulled into town. She gave clear directions and informed me that the theater had validation for the garage across the street. Maybe it's validation I was seeking all along. I thought of Ellen DeGeneres' stand up and proceeded to the theater only to find that they had changed their showings and The Help was no longer featured at that theater. Determined to see something before returning home and thinking a movie would brighten my day, I examined the list of showtimes and selected One Day. This was a mistake. I sat through the movie and teared up at the end, returned to my car a d called Jerry and cried.

Today, I miss my friends. I miss making money and doing things. I actually miss working full time. I feel like meeting people here is difficult to do alone and possibly more difficult when everyone you know that lives in town is in a relationship. Today, I decided I don't want to be single forever and I need to get to know more people.

I got home quickly, fortunately driving against the rush hour traffic. Trevor & Trish were sitting on the back porch having drinks and enjoying the cooler temperature so I joined them. Robert came over a little bit later and we discussed sailing and Portland and backstories and future documentaries. It was nice to socialize.

The night ended with Trevor and I trying to coax a possum out from under the porch. It eventually disappeared but we aren't quite sure how. Despite the late night excitement, I'm very much ready for bed. It's been a long day and I'm far too emotional to stay awake any longer. Here's to sweet dreams and a brighter day that's not wrought with PMS emotional sensitivity.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fluffy chick seeks playmate

I received a text message this morning from the family I used to nanny for back in Salt Lake.  Today is their adoption hearing and their son gets his new name.  It was requested that I send him an email to his new address and let me know what was the final decision for his surname change.  This is exciting news, as it was something I'd been part of since the beginning.  Naturally, I sent an email and included a picture of Mouse and myself on the St. John's Bridge near home.  I'm so excited for them and that everything is going as planned despite Utah's crazy adoptive laws.

This made me think a bit about all the changes around me.  M gets to be a legal child of his parents and get a new last name.  Mom & Patrick moved into an apartment and he started at a new school.  Jerry planted himself north of Seattle and I'm here in Portland.  Each of us has the opportunity to reinvent ourselves as we meet new people and truly become the person we all wish to be.  Trevor had suggested this a while back and said for example if I wanted to be a person who knits at the local bookstore on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons then that's what I should do.  Put myself in a place where I see others like me and eventually natural friends will appear.  Forcing yourself to go places you wouldn't normally go, to be surrounded by people you'd only associate with on surface topics and occasions will only draw people you'll find displeasing over time.  So what am I doing?  Sitting at home on a Monday morning wishing for more coffee to appear, having one-sided conversations with panting dogs and writing.

I wish to be a person seen for my charm, wit, and intellect who enjoys excellent coffee, a fine wine, and a great beer, a person who is surrounded by others who can hold a conversation that runs deeper than the weather.

Wednesday will mark one month since I've moved.  That seems an appropriate enough incubation period.  I suppose now might be the time to start cracking this shell so I can emerge all cute and fluffy like a baby chicken.  Next, I'll just need to figure out where this fluffy chick needs to play.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Blog for a New Life

And here we are again...

Thanks to my friend Jerry, I was reminded that it had been suggested I blog about my experience in this "great move" from Salt Lake City to Portland.  I landed four weeks ago and have been loving it.  To my great fortune, I secured a part time job at a local pet supply shop in Southeast Portland and with it, I'm beginning to make new friends.  I'll unfold a few stories here as I see them fit to share but for now, I'm off to take care of some things.