Monday, August 22, 2011

Fluffy chick seeks playmate

I received a text message this morning from the family I used to nanny for back in Salt Lake.  Today is their adoption hearing and their son gets his new name.  It was requested that I send him an email to his new address and let me know what was the final decision for his surname change.  This is exciting news, as it was something I'd been part of since the beginning.  Naturally, I sent an email and included a picture of Mouse and myself on the St. John's Bridge near home.  I'm so excited for them and that everything is going as planned despite Utah's crazy adoptive laws.

This made me think a bit about all the changes around me.  M gets to be a legal child of his parents and get a new last name.  Mom & Patrick moved into an apartment and he started at a new school.  Jerry planted himself north of Seattle and I'm here in Portland.  Each of us has the opportunity to reinvent ourselves as we meet new people and truly become the person we all wish to be.  Trevor had suggested this a while back and said for example if I wanted to be a person who knits at the local bookstore on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons then that's what I should do.  Put myself in a place where I see others like me and eventually natural friends will appear.  Forcing yourself to go places you wouldn't normally go, to be surrounded by people you'd only associate with on surface topics and occasions will only draw people you'll find displeasing over time.  So what am I doing?  Sitting at home on a Monday morning wishing for more coffee to appear, having one-sided conversations with panting dogs and writing.

I wish to be a person seen for my charm, wit, and intellect who enjoys excellent coffee, a fine wine, and a great beer, a person who is surrounded by others who can hold a conversation that runs deeper than the weather.

Wednesday will mark one month since I've moved.  That seems an appropriate enough incubation period.  I suppose now might be the time to start cracking this shell so I can emerge all cute and fluffy like a baby chicken.  Next, I'll just need to figure out where this fluffy chick needs to play.

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