Friday, October 7, 2011

I received great news in the mail last week.

I was accepted at PSU to start winter quarter. Yesterday, I received my financial aid award and now I get to figure out how to afford school. Unfortunately, I'll be paying out-of-state tuition so even the maximum stafford loans won't fully cover it. Since I was accepted for co-admission to PSU & PCC, I believe I'll be able to take six credits at each school and I might be able to break even. I just need to confirm the minimum required PSU credits first and decide how to pay for books. Otherwise, I'll be about 3 grand short.

I am on a real schedule with the kids across the river. I get to spend time with them on the first Saturday of each month. For October, we decorated cupcakes and made shrinky dinks and had a blast.

Mouse and I are fully moved in with Kate and her pets in a cute house in Southeast. Mouse has taken over a dog bed that Dixie, Kate's dog had little interest in using. He seems happy. I know I am.

With my 30th birthday days away I am happy to report that life is great! I've started dating again. I had a lunch date yesterday and a tea date tomorrow with someone else, as well as plans for future dates with a couple other women. It's really exciting and fun and something I've never really done before. I'm getting out there and meeting people and making friends!

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