Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting Dirty @ Thirty

I celebrated my Thirtieth birthday on Hawthorne, alone for most of the day.  I took myself to lunch, bought an avocado boba smoothie at a bubble tea place, purchased some whiskey and gin at a liquor store, browsed in a cute little shop, had a delicious cappuccino, then arrived at Sapphire Hotel and waited for my guests to arrive.  I had a bit of time (over an hour) to sit and think about the day and all the changes that have happened lately.  I felt alone and a little sad and missed my social life in Salt Lake.  Then, Nicole showed up followed soon by Katie, then everyone else.  It was a nice evening and I went home later than I'd planned but was in bed well before midnight.

The days since then have been full of events.  I went to Dallas the next week to visit Nicki and had a nice time. I got to see Tracy from high school and catch up with Emily.  Having time with close friends like that made it difficult to come back home to Portland where I just haven't established those connections yet.  I'm working on it, however, and have some news...

Dating is pretty fun.  I've met some interesting people and one in particular that I'm quite fond of.  ;)  I've been able to go to museums and parks and the coast.  I've had cheap beer and $3 movies and walked all over.  I've been enjoying myself and that's all that matters.  I'm diving in and getting my hands dirty (and maybe my mind on occasion) but I'm having fun and this start to this next chapter is definitely a page turner.

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