Monday, January 9, 2012

New Beginnings...

Melissa Etheridge may have just woken up when she was seventeen, but it appears that my awakening has arrived at age 30 with my fearlessly loving the Pacific Northwest.

It's been a while since I've written, but communication has been difficult and I've been spending my time out enjoying life and being a bit disconnected for the past three weeks after what turned out to be misplacing my iPod touch.  (I was convinced I'd dropped it accidentally and that someone had picked it up and kept it for themselves after searching everywhere I could imagine.)

I'm "seeing someone" and really enjoying my time with her.  I spent 17 days in December house-sitting & dog-sitting for a nice couple who live in the neighborhood.  While I enjoyed the "vacation home" and the full kitchen and new washer & dryer, I missed having my things and only being responsible for myself and my one dog.  Mouse was with me while I was there and had a good time running around everywhere with the two dogs, and also chasing the cat, but I think he's also happy to be back home with me.

School started today.  I had Spanish at Portland Community College's Sylvania campus.  My other classes start tomorrow at Portland State University.  I was a ball of nerves yesterday but today has been such a great day, I'm feeling more relaxed.  My sister has shipped me her old MacBook to borrow until I can save up for a new laptop of my own.  Next on my list: obtain reliable internet access.

I've been taking pictures and have loaded most on facebook but will try to get some on here at some point.  I'm happy.  It's a whole new year...

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