Sunday, March 4, 2012


Last time I wrote, I mentioned that I'm "seeing someone" which is still the case.  We've been dating for 4 months and spend copious amounts of time together and very much enjoy one another's company, however... contrary to "typical lesbian behavior", we are not in a relationship and haven't thrown the girlfriend word into the mix (nor dropped the L-bomb which is quite an accomplishment compared to some friends).  I had left a comment to a friend about her girlfriend being sick and said my ngf (not girlfriend) was also sick (most likely with mono) and she'd responded requesting more detail.  "NGF?  New Girlfriend?  Not-Girlfriend?  Nifty Goldfish?"  And upon sharing this story with the not-girlfriend, she said she was okay with being my Nifty GoldFish so now, in protecting her anonymity, she'll be referred to as The Goldfish.

The Goldfish and I have had many adventures including another trip to the coast where I got to see my first lighthouse.  We also went up to Mt Hood to find snow and wandered around the Timberline Lodge (which was used in The Shining) to celebrate her birthday last month.  She's been incredibly patient with my school schedule and makes cute faces when she reads at coffee shops while I do homework.  I really like her.

Tomorrow, I get to register for Spring term.  It's week 9 of the Winter quarter and I'm trying not to fall into old habits but as they say, they're hard to break.  I have a 12 page paper due on the 22nd and I'm waiting for my primary source to come back to me (it's an emailed interview).  I've learned a lot this term but more about how to be a successful student than about the subject matter.  In a moment of brilliance I managed to schedule myself on packed week when I registered for this term.  Mondays, I have class and work.  Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday, I have class.  Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, I work.  So with the exception of two days that I managed to swap around to take off for specific reasons, I haven't had a day off since January 5th.  I also feel like I haven't slept in since that day either.  I'm a bit exhausted and have had my share of illness this year already with a nasty cold, chronic allergies, and definite exposure to potential mono.  To say I'm excited for spring break is an understatement on a grand scale.  Now if only I can get this paper done...

Speaking of spring break, I get to go home to Colorado to visit my family!  I fly out in the early hours of March 20th and come home late on the 24th.  It may seem like a short trip, but I'm sure it'll be filled with some quality family time.  I'm actually traveling during finals week because all of my classes have final exams, projects, & papers due in class before so as to not hold class during that week and thereby extend our spring breaks from one to two weeks.  After I return from Colorado, I've got tickets to take The Goldfish to see Amy Ray!  I'm also throwing around ideas for a brief getaway.  I was thinking of possibly going to visit Jerry in Seattle (and possibly crash on his floor?)  or just do a day trip to Bagby or something.  I've still got to talk it out with The Goldfish and make sure everything pans out and that funds are available for whatever we choose to do.  Despite the lack of cash flow, I do believe I'm getting the Portland life down.  I'm still enjoying it here and am happy that I still have a life even if I'm broke.